limited wear & urban collective


TEGONIEZNOSISZ is an idea that links artists with passion and mutual respect. Coming back to 2005 when a collective of people dealing with music, graffiti, design, film and organizing events was established. From the very beginning, we share a friendship despite different origin, education and various perceptions of reality. We believe that passion is just as important as love in our lives. The desire to develop drives our actions. Each day is a chance for development and overcoming the weaknesses, so that we can become better people. TEGONIEZNOSISZ stands for clothes designed and sewn in Poland in the local manufactures. We create a strictly limited series of clothes in collaboration with people which we admire in the field of design. TEGONIEZNOSISZ Street Wear means a top quality cotton and universal branding. So far we have collaborated with: Dominik Robak, Adam Walas, Mateusz 'WLK' Wolski, True Bob, Hots PUF, SWAG.